The Art Bar in Downtown Willoughby offers board nights for all occasions! Get a group of your friends, family, or some colleagues and create a masterpiece with us! Choose from a variety of stain colors, designs, and color pallets to design your wood board, and take home something you can decorate your house with!

Birthday Parties // Bachelorette Parties // Family Night // Baby Showers // Night Out // Couples Night // Business & Sport Team Building

What’s Included & What’s Not

The Art Bar in Downtown Willoughby provides all the materials (including a paint smock) and the instruction, you can just sit back, drink some wine/beer (or keep it kid-friendly with some juice!), and create your masterpiece. A usual board night will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete, although some may take longer dependent on the amount of breaks.

The Art Bar in Downtown Willoughby has an open policy on food and drinks! Although not required, go ahead and bring in whatever suites your needs for your paint night. Bring in up to 40 friends, family, or colleagues as you would like to make it a fun time! All of our prices (which are per person) are a little farther down this page! If you’ve already heard enough, then you can Book Now!

What To Expect

If you’ve never been to a board workshop, don’t worry! We’re always there to help…so here’s what you can expect!

  1. Your wood piece and your stencil will be ready for you before you come to the studio!
  2. Protect your clothing! Due to the nature of Board Parties, an apron must be worn at all times! The Art Bar will have one waiting for you! We will also have a coat rack and a place to store your personal belongings so that they stay safe!
  3. Make it your home! We will have plenty of space to place your food and beverages that you bring! We have open-top coolers that you can place ice into to keep them cold! We occasionally have bags of ice available, but it is not a guarantee.
  4. Class will begin once everyone is settled! A typical board party will last around 3 hours, but can be more if there are multiple breaks to let others catch up!
  5. Our skilled Instructor, along with our Assistants, will guide you from start to finish! We will be hands-on with you throughout the class, but if at any time you have a question or need assistance, let us know! We would be glad to help you!
  6. While the class moves along, not everyone will be in the same place as you! This is completely normal – go at the pace which helps you move along! We are always there to help, so please ask us if you need anything!
  7. We’re so happy that you chose to come to the Art Bar! We’re excited to see your creation!

Board Pricing

Terms and Conditions Apply | See Bottom of Page for Details

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Per Person • 12.5 by 19 • • Pick the Stain Color • • Pick the Design •


Stain Colors

  • Classic Gray

  • Espresso

  • Coffee

  • Red Oak

  • Black

  • Canyon